Supplier Financing

Presenting a quicker and smarter way of liberating liquidity from the complex supply chains! At Priority Vendor, we execute a fully-automated and completely digital supplier financing solution, in partnership with the global banks. Our solution unlocks working capital and ensures optimum financial health of both, corporates and suppliers.

For the suppliers, we accelerate their receivables at the click of a button. Suppliers can simply log-in and select the best rates of cash discounts to offer against early payments. These rates are customised for every supplier, after analysing a host of unique data sets of the supply chain. As the offered invoice discounting is accepted by the corporate, banks fund the suppliers earlier than their original due date.

With our financing solution, corporates are able to support their suppliers by arranging a completely digital supplier financing solution. When repaying the bank on the due date, they avail cash discounts in the form of COGS savings. Alternately, corporates may utilise the cash discount to extend the payment date, clearing the dues with the bank at an extended period.

Being a completely digital solution, corporates are able to scale this up across their entire supplier network thereby supporting the long tail of their supply chain.

  • Stronger Relationships

    Our solution helps strengthen the Buyer-Supplier relationship by democratising the access to supply chain finance across the entire supplier network

  • Paperless Process

    Completely digital and paperless processes with no KYC requirements, offering a highly scalable solution for the corporate

  • Tech Innovation

    Proprietary, AI-driven algorithm that generates bespoke discount rates for each individual supplier

  • Vendor Support

    Multi-lingual support team that takes care of any vendor queries ensuring a seamless experience